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JessLee music video filming - Morgan Renee Live
Filming for the video of JessLee hit "My favorite Song" will be held at Dixie Roadhouse on August 12, 2017.
JessLee Music, JessLee Video, JessLee My Favorite Song
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JessLee Music

JessLee music video filming

JessLee will be at Dixie Roadhouse on August 12th, 2017 to record her new music video “My Favorite Song”.  This will be an ‘open to the public’ event where everyone 21 and over is welcome, so please come out and join us.

The “special scene filming” will be at 5PM, this is where WE REALLY WOULD LOVE TO SEE YOU!  Doors will be opening for regular business at 7PM, and everyone that enters will be part of the crowd filming, great music and the JessLee concert at 9:30PM.  After the concert, we will be having some additional crowd filming as well as a meet and greet.  Please come out, we look forward to sharing the evening with you.

Morgan Renée Live is proud to present, in conjunction with, Dixie Roadhouse and JessLee Music this amazing South Florida country music event that is sure to be filled with a lot of fun, laughter and solid home grown good times.